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Ernest & Clarice Rohne

(Written about 1990, edited 2014)                                   

    Ernest Jewel Rohne was born November 10, 1905, on a farm in the Live Oak Community north of Cranfills Gap, the oldest of the six children of Oscar and Malinda (Olson) Rohne. Ernest's paternal grandparents were Evan Paulsen Rohne, born in Tomtereie, Romedal, Hedemarken, Norway and Marianne Oliane Egeberg, born in Egeberg, Loten, Hedemarken, Norway. His maternal grandparents were Johan and Marie Arneson Olson, also born in Norway.

    Clarice Belle Bertelson was born September 19, 1906, just a few miles from Ernest's birthplace, north of Cranfills Gap. She was the oldest of the eleven children of Albert and Clara (Tergerson) Bertelson. Clarice's paternal grandparents were Bertel Bertelson, born in Ulland, Denmark (son of Mads and Dorothea Neilson Bertelson) and Christine Johannson, born in Stavanger, Norway. Her maternal grandfather was Terry Tellef Tergerson, born in Henderson Co., Texas, the son of Tellef Terjeson Hastvedt and Asborg Tellevsdatter of Gjovdal, Norway. Clarice's maternal grandmother was Anne Marie Nystel, born in Van Zandt Co., in 1858. Anne's mother was Signe Knudsdatter, (1833), daughter of Salve Knudson Ramse (born on the Ramse farm in Tovdal, Amli Parish, Norway in 1803) and Asborg Kittelsdatter who immigrated to America in company with the Tellef Tergerson family in 1846. In May 1851, Signe married Terje (Terry) Nystel (Annets father) who was born in 1822 and had emigrated with his parents, Ole Terjeson Nystel (1791) and Tone Kiddelsdatter Seljaas (1799) from the Amli Parish of southern Norway in the 1840's.

    Clarice and Ernest grew up just a few miles from each other, being baptized at the old Lutheran Rock Church and confirmed in the first class at the new building of St. Olaf's Lutheran Church in Cranfills Gap. They attended the Live Oak School from November through April of each year, if there was no farm work to be done or cotton to be picked. This school was just across the road from the Rohne farm and about a l 1/2 mile walk across pastures and fields from the Bertelson place. Clarice continued her education by walking the 4 miles into Cranfills Gap daily to complete high school (lOth grade), while Ernest went to Clifton College (Academy) for two years.

    Two months of each summer were set aside for parochial school where Clarice and Ernest memorized Catechism, Scriptures, and hymns in the Norwegian language from age 7 years until they were confirmed at age 15. Norwegian was spoken, in the homes and regular church services were conducted in Norwegian. Clarice did not speak English until she was five years old when her mother taught her English so she could start school.

    Ernest courted Clarice all their lives, recalling how he would timidly sneak his Sunday School cards to her when they were children and then race away before she could speak to him. They were married on September 21, 1927, and, except for a few months when they moved briefly to Plainview where Clarice's parents had moved, made their home in the Live Oak Community.

    Five children were born to this union: Troy Vardell (4-9-28), Clinton Alvon (11-29-31), Eudoris Janette (5-11-34), Karen Iris (12-21-36), and Anthony Darryl (7-4-42). Troy died at his home on April 24, 1936, at the age of 8 years from flu and pneumonia during a flu epidemic. The children were reared on the family farm, baptized and confirmed at St. Olaf's Lutheran Church, and graduated from Cranfills Gap High School. The family worked hard together to get the farm work done. Family reunions, Saturday afternoons at the Gap, and big Sunday dinners were regular special events. Education was of a high priority with all of the children pursuing college educations. Christian values and standards were instilled, as well as the value of hard work and development of talents.

    Alvon married Jeannette Jackson of Sante Fe, New Mexico, on June 22, 1957. Their children are Rebecca (7-8-58), Elizabeth (11-24-59), and Timothy (11-29-61). Alvon was the Senior Vice-President and Cashier of Western Bank in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico,and Jeannette runs the Rohne Accounting Agency.  Alvon passed away on October 25, 2006 and is buried at the Vista Memory Gardens, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. 

    Eudoris married Ralph Dahl of Clifton, Texas, on August 15, 1953. Their children are Stephen (2-19-56) who married Suzanne Shaffner on May 27, 1978, Jon (12-30-58), and Diane (7-21-62) who married Jerry Leggett on July 31, 1982. Eudoris was a teacher and elementary counselor in the Cedar Hill ISD when she passed away on October 29, 2007.  She is buried at the Rock Church near Cranfills, Gap, Texas. 

    Karen married Ronald Todd of Cleveland, Ohio, on May 30,1969. Their children are Gordon Pritchett (6-1-59), Stephanie Todd Enz and Roni Todd Marino (11-24-70). Karen taught at Montclair State University in Upper Montclair, New Jersey, while Ron taught at New York University. Both are retired. 

    Tony married Joan Sorenson Anderson on June 2,1979. His children are Gina (1-10-65) and Paul (5-20-68). Her children are Gary (10-5-65) and Michael (4-2-71).  Tony was the owner of the Tony Rohne State Farm Insurance Agency in Palestine, Texas, and Joan is retired from teaching school at Westwood ISD.  Tony works as a cartographer for a local water company.

    Ernest continued to live on his farm, working part-time as a carpenter and tending his place until his death on July 17, 1995. Clarice died at their home at the age of 77 years on December 16,1983, of pancreatic cancer.  Both are buried at the Rock Church Cemetery.

by Eudoris Dahl, Daughter,

Note: Eudoris wrote this prior to Ernest's death of cancer in 1995. She passed away and is buried at the Rock Church Cemetery beside a grandson, Ernest, Clarice and Troy.


Even Paulsen Røhne (Evan) immigrated to America 1871
b. 22 Sep 1848 d. 11 May 1901 buried Rock Church
Mariane Oliana Egeberg (Marianne Olianne) immigrated to America 1878
b. 24 May 1858 d. 25 Feb 1947 Married 15 December 1880, Mexia Texas

John Olson, b. 3 July 1854, Bergseie farm, Loten Parish, Norway, 
son of Ole Jensen and Mari Andersdatter, died 23 Mar 1912, b. Rock Church
Lived on Balkestuem farm, Loten, prior to immigration. Departed Oslo 14 Aug 1874
m. 29 Aug 1878 Marie Arneson 3 Jul 1854 – 8 Feb 1936 b. Rock Church


Oscar Rohne  20 Feb 1884 – 21 Feb 1930 
Baptized 30 March 1884, Confirmed 11 June 1899 buried Rock Church
m. Malinda Josephine Olson 14 Apr 1886-15 Jun 1971 buried Rock Church

Ernest Jewel Rohne b. 10 Nov 1905 Bosque Co. TX d. 17 Jul 1995 Glen Rose, Somervell Co, TX -St. Olaf "Rock Church" Cemetery, Bosque Co. TX m. 22 Sep 1927 Bosque Co. TX Spouse: Clarice Belle Bertelson b. 9 Sep I906 Bosque Co, TX d. 16 Dec 1983 Bosque Co, TX

Troy Vardell Rohne b. 9 Apr 1928 Bosque Co. TX d. 9 Apr 1936 Bosque Co. TX -St. Olaf "Rock Church' Cemetery, Bosque Co.

Clinton Alvon Rohne b. 29 Nov 1931 Bosque Co, TX, d. 25 Oct 2006 Truth  or Consequences, New Mexico, m. 22 June 1957 Santa Fe, Santa Fe Co, NM Spouse: Jeannette Jackson b. 7 Mar 1936 Santa Fe, Santa Fe Co, NM

2-1 Rebecca Lynn Rohne b. 8 Jul 1958 Albuquerque, Bernalillo Co, NM m. 20 Jun 1987 Truth or  Consequences, Sierra Co, NM Spouse: Daniel G. Mena (Divorced) b. 15 Feb 1957 El Paso, El Paso Co, TX

                                    2-1-1 Lena Jeannette Mena b. 29 Aug 1988 Las Cruces, Dona Ana Co, NM

             2-2 Elizabeth Ann Rohne b. 24 Nov 1959 Albuquerque, Bernalillo Co, NM

                          2-3 Timothy Alan Rohne b. 29 Nov 1961 Albuquerque, Bernalillo Co, NM

3 Eudoris Janette Rohne b. 11 May 1934 Cranfills Gap, Bosque Co, TX m. 15 Aug 1953 St, Olaf Lutheran  Church, Cranfills Gap, Bosque Co, TX Spouse: Ralph Loyd Dahl (Divorced 1983) b. 22 Sep 1933 Clifton,  Bosque Co, TX

3-1 Stephen Loyd Dahl b. 19 Feb 1956 Denver City, Yoakum Co, TX m. 27 May 1978 Oak Cliff Lutheran Church, Dallas, Dallas Co, TX Spouse: Suzanne Joyce Shafner b. 19 Oct 1956 St. Louis, MO

3-1-1 Christopher Loyd Dahl b. 13 Oct 1984 Dallas, Dallas Co, TX

3-1-2 Brandon Sean Dahl b. 11 Mar 1991 Dallas, Dallas Co, TX d. 11 Mar 1991 Dallas, Dallas Co, TX

3-1-3 Evan Andrew Dahl b. 10 Apr 1993 Dallas, Dallas Co, TX

3-2  Jon Randall Dahl b. 30 Dec 1958 Denver City, Yoakum Co, TX m. 29 Jun 1985 0ak Cliff Lutheran Church, Dallas, Dallas Co, TX Spouse: Lisa Jespersen (Div) b. 14 Jul 1962 Dallas, Dallas Co, TX

3-2-1 Nicholas Jon Dahl b. 25 Jul 1988 Dallas, Dallas Co, TX

3-2-2 Kelsey Ann Dahl b. 17 Apr 1991 Dallas, Dallas Co, TX

3-2-3 Haley Christine Dahl b. 3Mar l993 Dallas, Dallas Co, TX

3-3  Cynthia Diane Dahl b. 21 Jul 1962 Denton, Denton Co, TX m. 31 Jul 1982 0ak Cliff Lutheran Church, Dallas, Dallas Co, TX Spouse: Jerry Don Leggett b. 17 Mar 1962 Dallas, Dallas Co, TX

3-3-1 Jacob Don Leggett b. 9 Mar 1987 Dallas, Dallas Co, TX

3-3-2 Jordan Lee Leggett b. 10 Feb 2000 Dallas, Dallas Co, Tx

4 Karen Iris Rohne b. 21 Dec 1936 Cranfills Gap, Bosque Co, TX 1m. 22 Dec 1957 Cranfills Gap, Bosque Co, TX, 1. Spouse: Thomas Gordon Pritchett Jr. (Divorced 1968) b. 26 Jun 1928 Hico, Hamilton Co, TX

4-1 Thomas Gordon Pritchett III b. I Jun 1959 Hico, Hamilton Co, TX m. 24 Nov 1990 Fort Worth, Tarrant Co, TX Spouse: Amy Wallen b. 13 Jul 1961 Amarillo, Potter Co, TX

   2.  Spouse: Ronald Dean Todd 2m. 30 May 1969 Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co, OHb. 27 Mar 1934 Wellsville, Columbiana Co, OH

4-1s. Stephanie Ly:nn Todd (Stepchild) b. 25 Feb 1965 Cleveland, OH m. 18 Aug 1989 Leetonia, Columbiana Co, OH Spouse: Victor Anthony Vinci (div) b. 13 Jan 1958 Canton, OH

4-1s-1Evan Anthony Vinci b. 7Jun 1994 Charlottesville,VA

4-1s-2 Claudia Pauline Vinci b. 17 Feb 1998

4-2 Roni Kristen Todd  b. 24 Nov 1970 Cleveland, OH m.

4-2-1 Cassidy Virginia Marino 23 Nov 2005

 4-2-2 Carly Anne Marino 18 June 2010

5 Anthony Darryl (Tony) Rohne b. 4 Jul 1942 Cranfills Gap, Bosque Co, TX 1m.  4 Jun 1966 Dallas, Dallas Co, TX 1 Spouse: Patsy McAdams Walker (Divorced 1976)

5-1s Gina Michelle Rohne (Stepchild) b. 10 Jan 1965 Dallas, Dallas Co, TX Spouse: Mark Tidwell b. 9 Feb 1956 Oklahoma

5-1 Paul Darren Rohne b. 20 May 1968 Amarillo, Potter Co, TX d. 29 Jan 2009  Palestine, TX

  2 m. Spouse Joan Jannette Sorenson Anderson b. 15 Dec 1942 Meridian, Bosque Co, TX 2m.  2  Jun 1979 Palestine, Anderson  Co, TX

5-2s Gary Len Anderson (Stepchild) b. 5 Oct 1965 Garland, Dallas Co, TX Spouse: Virginia Sanders

5-2s-1 Logan Babb Anderson b. 19 Sept 2001 Stephenville, TX

5-3s Michael Brent Anderson (Stepchild) b. 2 Apr 1971 Clifton, Bosque Co, TX  1. Spouse Gina D’Lynn Rasberry (Divorced) b. 28 Mar 1972

5-3s-1 Mitchell Brent Anderson b. 31 Jan 1997

  2nd  Spouse: Kendra Lynn Godwin, b. 7 April 1972, Texarkana, Tx m.16 Mar 2002, Breckenridge, Co