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Helen Magdalene Rohne (Jenson), 30 Sep 1897 29 Aug 1996,

Baptized 07 November 1897, Confirmed 02 June 1912,

m. Jesse Justin Jenson 04 Sept 1919

Helen and Justin

Helen Jenson

Helen Jenson

Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly. nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful, but his delight is the law or the Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day and night, and he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season: his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper. Psalm 1 v. 1-3

Aunt Helen, you were born Sept. 30, 1897 while Grover Cleveland was President of the United States and 8 years before Henry Ford constructed the first Model T. Ford.  You were born on the Rohne farm near Cranfills Gap, Texas to staunch Lutheran Norwegian immigrants, Marianne Oleanne and Evan Paulson Rohne.  You were 8th in a family of 9 children and your home was shared also with an aged grandmother and foster brother.

You were baptized on November 7, 1897 in the 81. Olaf Rock Church and you attended church there faithfully with your family, driving many miles in a buggy pulled by a horse over the hills and rocky roads. You were confirmed in the same church on July2, 1912.

Your father passed away when you were 3 years of age leaving your mother to oversee the farm and livelihood of the family.  Dedication resulted in success--- Your brother Magnes becoming an ordained Lutheran Minister, sister Emma married a Lutheran minister, Chris, was a successful banker, Minnie, Cora and Pauline all married farmers, Oscar and Bernhart also choose farming as their occupation.

As a child you attended Norwegian School two summers in the Rohne School House on the family property.  Your first two years of public schooling were in the nearby Shell Rock School, then on to the Gap where the school was ungraded and parents furnished the books.

In 1914-1917 with the rumblings of World War I in Europe, you left home to attend Clifton Lutheran Academy in Clifton, Texas.  1917 found you back at home helping with the farm while Brother Bernhart served our country in France and the other brothers and sisters were away to college or had established homes of their own.

In1919, the year the Treaty of Versailles was signed, a lifelong friend and Luther college student, now your soldier sweetheart, won your hand and you were married September 4, 1919 in the St Olaf Church with an all day reception following.

As a newly married couple, you first rented a farm near the Gap and it was here on September 12, 1921 that your first son, Eugene, was born. Eugene is now serving as County Attorney of Chambers Co.  A position he has held for more than 30 years.

Later in 1921, you bought your own farm nearby and it was here on July 15, 1924 that your second son, Myron, was born. Myron is a mechanical engineer with Texas Eastern and faithful member of Redeemer.

For a short time you and Justin attended to the farm, then he took a position as a country school teacher at nearby Persiville to supplement the family income.  Enjoying the teaching and feeling more inclined to be a teacher than a farmer, you left your farm to renters and Justin taught successively for short periods at Meridian Creek, Mustang, and Clifton College, before accepting a position as Superintendent of Schools in Crosby, Texas in 1926, just a year before Charles Lindberg made the first solo crossing of the Atlantic.

On coming to Crosby, you being lifelong devoted involved Lutherans, sought out a church immediately and worshiped in the rented lodge hall and old Oiler Theater with the group who soon organized Redeemer Lutheran Church in Baytown.

The summer of 1927 found you in Austin wo many other things, our right-hand man here at Redeemer.

All members of the family immediately became involved in the Sunday School and all phases of church work in this struggling mission.

In 1932 while our country was in a deep depression, Justin accepted an offer to become Superintendent of Barbers Hill Schools, and the family enjoyed many happy and fruitful years there. During your time there among other things you acquired your first washing machine, celebrated your 25th wedding anniversary, and were able to buy your first nylons.  But there were times of frustration also, for in 1941 America became involved in World War II and you were called upon to allow your two sons to serve their country overseas.  Eugene, for several years in the South Pacific, with much time spent in fox holes---Myron, a pilot, flew many missions in the European Theater.

World War II ended and you were blessed as both boys came home safely. Soon after you saw all three of your children happily married to the mates of their choices; Eugene to Dorothy Terrell, Myron to Jackie Busch, and Junelle to Billy Kubik.

The busy schedule as a superintendent's wife, mother, and homemaker did not keep you from engaging in many other worthwhile activities in the community and at church.  You became one of the eight charter members of the Society of Helping Hands which was organized December 14, 1933---50 years ago. You were a faithful and productive member and served as its president in 1949.  You visited newcomers, the ill, prospects, all these and other ventures which you pursued diligently as long as your health permitted.

In 1954 upon the retirement of your husband due to declining health, you moved to Baytown into your present home.  Justin took on, for a short time, the less demanding position of math teacher of Horace Mann Jr. High and proofreader at the Daily Sun.  Justin was a trusted church leader and served, at one time or another, as Sunday School Superintendent, President of the congregation, and was chosen as the first lay delegate to the District Convention, among other things.

You and Justin saw many of your dreams, into which you had both put so much of yourselves, realized as you saw our church grow and especially when our new church was dedicated on September 7, 1958 and along with your children donated the pulpit.  A time of sadness soon followed for it was from that pulpit that the first funeral service in the new edifice was preached for your beloved husband, who passed away November 9, 1958.

Needless to say, many dreary days followed but you adjusted and rebounded an even more fruitful and beautiful Christian. You continued to produce a showplace yard always filled with beautiful flowers and also a garden from which you so gladly shared the proceeds with neighbors, the needy, and other grateful recipients.  A person never to be caught empty handed, you have delighted children, grandchildren, relatives, brides, and friends with your jellies, baked goods, exquisite crochet and lovely quilts---50 or more.

On May 31, 1960, the year John F. Kennedy was elected president, the Women's Missionary League was organized and you, along with several other members of the Society of Helping Hands, formed its nucleus of charter members. You have worked diligently in that organization to help carry out its objectives.  Out of your love and compassion for the handicapped you have for more than 10 years, on your own, had an on-going project of making bread each week, selling it, and contributing the profits totaling over $1000 to The Good Samaritan Home.

Time doesn't permit even listing your many, many contributions. Suffice it to say you have truly used your talents in a God-pleasing way.

Your grandchildren have been a great delight to you. They are Jimmy and Karen Kubik and Helen Marie Kubik, Michael, Frank and Chuck Jenson and their wives Judy, Susan and Roberta respectively.  Great-grandchildren are: Laura and Justin Morgan Jenson, Josh and Julie Nicole Kubik.

Your faithfulness at church service and Sunday morning Bible Class, of which you are a regular member and have been since it was organized when Redeemer was still a mission, give evidence of the source of your faith and the importance you place on continuing in the Word.  This along with your cheerful disposition and hospitality have encouraged many.

You are truly like the tree planted by the Rivers of Water bringing forth fruits that have been a beautiful witness of your love for your Savior, whose birth we are celebrating tonight.

Eulala Knudson

Christmas 1983


Helen Rohne, eighth child of Even Paulsen Rhne


(Evan) immigrated to America 1871
b. 22 Sep 1848
d. 11 May 1901
Mariane Oliana Egeberg (Marianne Olianne) immigrated to America 1878
b. 24 May 1858
d. 25 Feb 1947
Married 15 December 1880, Mexia Texas

Eighth Child

(08) Helen Magdalene Rohne (Jenson) 30 Sep 1897 29 Aug 1996
Baptized 07 November 1897, Confirmed 02 June 1912,
                            Married 04 Sept 1919, Jesse Justin Jenson


01  Eugene Truman Jenson    12 Sep 1921 22 Jul 2001
02  Myron Magnus Jenson    15 Jul 1924 14 May 2001
03  Helen Junelle Jenson (Kubik)   01 Sep 1929


02-01  Myron Michael Jenson    13 Apr 1951
03-01  James Thomas Kubik    13 May 1951
02-02  Frank Justin Jenson     15 Jul 1953
03-02  Helen Marie Kubik (Britton)  06 Nov 1953
02-03  Charles Eugene Jenson   20 Aug 1960

Great Grandchildren

02-01-01  Laura Rene Jenson   29 Jan 1977
03-01-01  Josh Nicholas Kubik   04 Jan 1980
02-02-01  Justin Morgan Jenson   15 Aug 1983
03-01-02  Julie Nicole Kubik  18 Nov 1983
02-02-02   Katie Elizabeth Jenson   21 Dec 1987
03-02-01   William Dean Britton   29 Sep 1989
03-02-02   Marie Junelle Britton   07 Nov 1991
02-03-01   Morgan Garrett Jenson    02 Dec 1992
02-03-02   Rachel Leigh Jenson    08 Mar 1995
02-03-03   Rebecca Danielle Jenson    08 Mar 1995

Great Great Grandchildren

08-02-01-01  Jenson Brown Ellis    09 Oct 2010

Jenson Ellis

Jenson Ellis & Laura Jenson, October 2013