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Evan Rohne Oscar and Malinda Rohne

Parents; Johan and Marie Arneson Olson

Spouse: Oscar Rohne

Relatives of Oscar & Malinda Rohne

Malinda Olson (Rohne)

Malinda Rohne

Malinda Olson (Rohne) 1904


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Juliette, Cecil, Mae, Grandma, Olga, Ernest & Cora (about 1938)

Malinda & Children

Cecil, Mae, Cora, Grandma, Olga, Juliette & Ernest (about 1968)

Malinda and in-laws

Grandma Rohne with the in-laws; Jimmy (Cora) Goodman, Jim (Mae) Jenson, Pete (Olga) Knudson, Clarice ( Rohne) & Dorothy (Cecil) Rohne about 1968

Oscar was born four miles south of Cranfills Gap in 1884, and died of Hodgkin's disease, six miles north of the Gap in 1930, forty-six years old.  He was baptized and confirmed at St. Olaf Lutheran Church.  He was the oldest son, so he became the mainstay of his mother in management of home and farm, when his father died.   His brothers and sisters not only regarded him as a brother, but as a father, too.   He served St. Olaf Lutheran Church as trustee, deacon, delegate to church conventions in Iowa, member of building committee when the church was built, and when administration building of Clifton College was built.  Also, he served as director of First Security Bank of Cranfills Gap for many years.  On November in 1904, Oscar was united in marriage with Malinda Josephine Olson at St. Olaf.  They lived in the Live Oak Community. Malinda was born in 1886, to Johan and Marie Arneson Olson.  She was baptized in 1886, within a month of the dedication of the Rock Church, and she was confirmed there.  Malinda had two sisters, Minnie and Emma and one brother, Ole.   The St. Olaf congregation decided to be with them on their 25th Wedding Anniversary, Thanksgiving Day, 1929.  The silver wedding anniversary and Thanksgiving service were combined at their home.  Malinda Josephine (Olson) Rohne died of cancer in 1971, age 85.  They were both laid to rest on the family lot in St Olaf Cemetery .   To this union were born six children: Ernest Jewel, Marian Mae, Beatrice, Juliette, Olga Mathilda, Cora Pauline, and Cecil Molden Bedford.

Ernest Jewel Rohne b. 5 Nov 1905 d. 17 July 1995


§ Rock Church

m. Clarice Belle Bertelson 1926 (died 16 Dec 1983)
Marianne Mae Rohne b. 3 Feb 1908 d. 29 June 1986


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m. Jim Jenson 1928
Beatrice Juliette Rohne b. 22 Mar 1910 d. 22 Dec 1978


§ Rock Church

m. Thomas Barrett Tolman in Phillipines, (d. 1957)both captured and interned for three years in Phillipines
Olga Mathilda Rohne b. 26 May 1913 d. 18 Jul 1991



m. Odell Knudson 18 Oct1936
Cora Pauline Rohne b. 24 Aug 1916 d. 13 Jan 2000


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m. Jimmie Goodman 17 Sep 1938
Cecil Molden Belford Rohne b. 30 Dec. 1919 d. 20 Apr 1980 


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m. Dorothy Anderson, 8 Mar 1944